Dec 222008

A site devoted to West Virginia hot dogs has created a map describing which of their hot dogs include coleslaw as a standard topping on the hot dog. As they write, “While the vast majority of West Virginians prefer hot dogs topped with coleslaw, it is not a standard topping at hot dog joints everywhere in West Virginia. The food culture of our state is diverse and influenced by many factors such as predominate ethnicities and a melding with cultures of surrounding states.This mapping project attempts to document this diversity.”

Awesome. We need more hot dog based maps.

[Link via Strange Maps.]

In other news, I am back from Mountain View and San Francisco. I now behind posting photos by two months.

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Dec 112008

I went to Las Vegas. It was very…. (I think an adverb is the best description for the city.)
I went to Seattle. It was a lot of fun to see my good young friend Sam, not to mention all of my other good friends. It was a wonderful trip.
I started at Google on Monday and have been very busy. They are sending me to their headquarters in Mountain View next week. I will be staying in San Francisco. I’m learning a lot, and it’s very intense.

I have some great photos from Las Vegas and Seattle, not to mention here and NYC. It’s been very busy, but I’ll try to post some photos this weekend.

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