Jun 292004

So I just spent the past hour or so making sure that this page validates to all of the correct standards. This was more or less a pain in the ass. On the flip side, the site looks pretty good on a variety of browsers now, and it degrades nicely for folks using text-only browsers.

The only hiccup is publishing the list of blogs I read using bloglines. My text browser of choice, Links doesn’t appear to support javascript. However, I am running an old version, 0.96. The new version, 0.99, may have better javascript support. (Links is available on Windows platforms as part of cygwin.)

Bloglines is the best syndication aggregator I have seen so far. Sam sez check it out.

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Jun 272004

Today I found out that a guy I know from Park Slope, Brooklyn went to High School with me in Highland Park, NJ. He broke out his yearbook and we flipped through it. Some relevations:

  • I looked like a total dork in High School
  • He was one of the guys I looked up to in HS
  • I had a crush on his girlfriend
  • People who were generally good people in HS generally grow up to be good people

There’s more to this story for now, but it’s nothing I feel like posting at this time.

It’s a damn small world.

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